snowy DC

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album cover?

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We’ve already had our snowiest winter in several years, and February is still beckoning. February might be short, but it has produced some of our biggest winter storms on record. Keep those snow shovels handy!

Abbey Road this ain’t.


alone with your reflection

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When a tether is the only thing keeping you from plunging several stories to your death, you’re a lot braver than I.


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the transit divide

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The Metro has always been a great place to shoot. Just don’t let the transit police hassle you.

flash me!

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looks like an eyedropper

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You don’t need a gigantic super-fast lens, a tripod, bright studio lights, or other fancy (i.e., expensive) equipment to capture gravity-driven water droplets. Just use the lowest ISO setting, a fairly high f-stop, and a flash, and you can get a sharp split-second image of falling water, too.

red moon rising

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red domerise

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This weekend, a blood-red full moon (the Corn Moon, and not the popular Harvest Moon this year) rose almost due east, as is customary in March and September. Standing near the Washington Monument, the moon rose over the Senate side of the U.S. Capitol on 9/5. If you believe in omens, Congress returns to work on Tuesday, and the ongoing and over-pressurized health care debate will consume the legislature this fall.

Hopefully, it won’t be a bloodbath. But a whole bunch of people are coming to DC next weekend…

farewell to an underrated statesman

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A lot of what we knew about Ted Kennedy was given to us through the tabloid news media. Chappaquidick, alcoholism, womanizing — these were just a few of the demons that he fought throughout his life and career. To many conservatives, he was not exactly beloved. But if you have a disability, are a minority, or earn a low wage, you can thank Teddy for taking up your cause for a better life. I choose to remember him as someone who spent his life devoted to helping those whose voices are not always heard. He may have not had the same mythical stature as his brothers John and Bobby, but he managed to accomplish a lot more than they could in their too-short lives.

water arch

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Pershing Park has a drinking fountain that’s always running. The result is a pool of water on the pavement. Seems like a big waste of water that the National Park Service should fix sometime, but of course there simply is no money available.

I wonder if it’ll still be on when it gets cold in a few months. Potentially cool for pics, but not so good for the pipes.