the inner frontier

patriotic planets

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This time next year (if all goes well, of course), NASA’s MESSENGER probe will be in orbit around Mercury, becoming the first man-made object to achieve this feat and map the planet’s entire surface.

Meanwhile, Venus has been visited by multiple probes from several nations, and future mission possibilities include orbiters, rovers, and landers. NASA’s Magellan probe mapped 98% of the Venusian surface, while JAXA’s Planet-C (Akatsuki) hopes to explore the planet’s thick atmosphere.


~ by philliefan on April 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “the inner frontier”

  1. Hi, I am the owner of the Shitzu that you were taking photos of at Dupont Circle yesterday afternoon. I wasn’t around but my friends told me and gave me your card. I would love to see the photos of my pooch. Thanks, Veronica von Achen

  2. Hi Veronica — I posted one pic on my Flickr page here. Thanks!

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