nature won’t leave us alone

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Record snow followed by serious flooding? And allergy season is right around the corner.

I think nature owes us one. Maybe she’ll give us a break from mosquitoes.


~ by philliefan on March 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “nature won’t leave us alone”

  1. Not trying to be persnickety, but floods always follow record snows in this area. The same thing happened in 96, and 79. Our springs come kinda quickly which is just fine for moderate or normal snow fall, but when we get heavy falls the snow melts from the mountains quickly which swell the rivers… not to mention that this happens all over the are too. Add a little rain, and get out the sandbags for old town.

  2. Except that we don’t always have serious floods after major snow events, like in March 1993 or February 2003. See here.

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