so whatever happened to “IT”?


Segway tours have become a common sight in DC over the past few months, snarling pedestrian traffic and prompting amused stares wherever they go. But remember when the expensive, jazzed-up, self-balancing electric scooters were supposed to “revolutionize transportation” when they were introduced back in late-2001? Well, they didn’t, and only 30,000 units were sold over the next six years. Not quite an idea that inventor Dean Kamen said would “change the way cities are built.” I remember laughing when he unveiled this thing and wondering if the Metro would ever let them aboard trains.

But maybe those few privileged Segway owners will have the last laugh. After all, the recent spike in gasoline prices has gotten people into thinking about different, cheaper ways to get around. Still, I’d have nightmares about being stuck in a bad neighborhood when the thing runs out of juice. Or having to carry it back home when I can’t find an electrical socket in the middle of nowhere. Or getting hit by a runaway cab because it stalls in the crosswalk. Oh, wait, that’s a danger even if you’re on the sidewalk.

And whatever happened to walking?


~ by philliefan on October 24, 2008.

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