stop…Teddy time!

Teddy's going to the World Series!

As some of you already know, I have a series of pics featuring a traveling Teddy Roosevelt bobblehead doll I got as a giveaway item at a Washington Nationals game in 2007. I got inspiration for this idea from several sources, most notably the old Roaming Gnome stunt and a friend who has given a cardboard cutout of Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels a workout.

But why Teddy? Nationals home games feature a fourth-inning race with four guys in oversized presidents suits. Not pictured in that shot is Teddy, who has never won a race since the event debuted in 2006. This has given him some notoriety in DC as a lovable loser, and now he is arguably more popular than Screech, the Nats’ horrific official mascot. He even has his own line of “Let Teddy Win” gear. So when I decided to create a traveling-object photoset, Teddy was a most logical choice.

And now Teddy is going to the World Series this weekend! And he’s excited.


~ by philliefan on October 23, 2008.

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